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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final essay, Insights Into Awareness by Constance Hitts

     The spiritual path for me began approximately ten years ago.    For the years previous I denied many of my Catholic up- bringing beliefs and looked more towards the mystical aspects for answers of why I am here on earth.  With hours of study and research along with interaction with fellow searchers, I have come full circle with knowing God and Jesus Christ.  I now cherish my religion and background, with the understanding that it is not the structure of the church it is more about grasping the concepts of God and the Love that is unconditionally given to each of us.  Thru the years the Celestine Prophecy was one of the books I have read and re-read frequently.  Author, James Redfield, did a fine writing of the Insights with a story line that held my interest.
     Most interesting was the concepts of drawing and using others energy to raise your personal levels of energy.  I have spent hours watching this occur within my social circle.  One person is always reaching for the top of the energy fields from others.  Thru the Fourth Insight the fact of using your childhood experiences from your parents and what their "drama" was and then how this affected your own personal drama, shaping the traits that you carry with you throughout your lifetime.  If you do not recognize and define your personal traits and dramas the road to self awareness will be slower.  Once these attributes are resolved the possibility of acting upon the universal energy is shown to you thru synchronicities.  This leads to a connection with the universe and the universal mind.

    Recognizing the synchronicities in your life is spiritually uplifting.  The 'knowing' and then the validations from the Divine gives us the confidence to move forward.  This occurs as either positive reinforcement that the path is correct or the not so good feeling in the solar plexus that points to a change in plans is needed to fulfill your heart's desire.  All the coincidences that occur have a deeper meaning that meditation can help us see objectively.
     There does seem to be a mass of people who have taken upon themselves a self-realization of the 'Greater Power of the Divine' that is ever present.  We are not left on this planet to fend for ourselves; we do have help from God and the Higher Spirit realms to tap into thru prayer and listening to the Word for the answers.  Each of us travels our own journey and paths may cross, still it is our path is our only concern.   Branch out to see the paths of others, but do not interfere with their decisions, show only love for what they are trying to accomplish while at the same time look lovingly at your journey during this lifetime.  Allowing, without judgment.  Allowing is generally not to difficult, judgment can be the challenge.    There is a certain amount of judgment in every interaction.  Try using 'opinion' versus judgment when reaching out to someone or having them reach out to you, they do not want to be judged, just understood.  Helping with an opinion of their situation is most kind, rather than pointing out the right or wrong of their predicament.
     As a Spiritual Counselor, bring awareness to the client lets them know that there is a Universal Power that can lead them straight.  Living the life is the best example for anyone.  Listening and waiting for the person to ask the important questions.  They know in their soul the question, sometime we can just act a facilitator to bring these questions and answers to the foreground.  Yet, above all it is about the listening skills that gives comfort to the client.  Also, presenting yourself in a peaceful, loving manner exudes confidence in all situations.
     The final Insight as explained in Lesson 18 was my most profound lesson.  "Creating confidence" in our personal spiritual journey is the way.  Letting go of others judgment is finding confidence and knowing within ourselves.  Accept guidance and if you are fortunate enough to have a spiritual mentor, listen to their advice. With all that said it is still your choice for the direction you take.  The connection you make with the Divine is personal, and with that great connection, comes the enlightenment of the connection to the ALL.  The knowing of just what unites the masses.  As is said that the flap of a butterflies wings can be felt across the universe.
     Thank you, Rev. King, for an outstanding presentation on the Celestine Insights.  I enjoyed these lessons whole heartily.  Rating this among the top of the classes I have taken at the Universal Life Church seminary.
Rev. Constance J. Hitts

Friday, August 10, 2012

Spirit Quest by Lucia Camara

Spirit Quest Program Wrap Essay

The impact of the Spirit Quest Program was very interesting and enlightening. My perception was that some of the discourses appeared to be based in a real sense of fear. Here are some examples: the fear of not being protected, the fear of doing things incorrectly, good vs. evil, positive and negative, etc. This was surprising to me in comparison to where I have chosen to live my life, my healing practice, and my ministry.

As human beings we have learned and lived from a point a fear for 2000 years. This has not been as beneficial as one may have thought. It was beneficial to learn some important aspects of evolving, however teaching and living from the point of fear are outdated. The true teachings from the many sacred beings that have come before were from a being in the present moment, in the pure energy of simple love. Evolving from the fear base in our lives and moving towards living life on every level from the point of love is a way of becoming enlightened. The discourses did give me the opportunity to understand what I hold as beliefs in my life and how I live those beliefs.

For fifteen years, I have chosen to base my healing and teaching practice, as well as my ministry from the belief that “no harm created, no harm will follow.” This has served me well. From that point, the Divine is pure love, universal life energy, which is life giving and sustaining. A few of the discourses that came from a sense of fear were surprising. Understanding that I am capable of learning something from every experience, and noting that in the beginning of the program it was written to take what felt comfortable, this was what I followed.

The discourses that I found the most helpful and able to integrate into my life were: Creating Your Own Reality, Speaking In The Positive, Asking The Right Question, and Forgiveness. In Creating Your Own Reality, the information given was wonderful and seemed to easily be applied. Perhaps it was the added push to read and practice the information that suited my beliefs in life, which reinforced what had already been learned and read. The impact continues to be a daily part of life.

Speaking In The Positive helped to cinch without a question a thought process that now has become a thoughtful way of life. The interaction and response from the communities, people, and family is very pleasant. Communication is clearer and concise on all levels.

Asking The Right Question allowed the recognition of the mindfulness that is needed in the areas that would benefit from change. Creating a heartfelt intention and investing energy into the well thought out request has made a very positive impact.

The Forgiveness discourse gave the opportunity to look at everything that was uncomfortable in life, and come to a wonderful healing resolve. I now understand that forgiveness is not only for others, but makes the greatest strides when it is applied to self. This is a point that is too easily forgotten in the ever changing and evolving world.

Rev. Lucia Camara


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