Master of Metaphysics

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

[SPIRIT QUEST ESSAY] by Rev. C.Vickers
Master of Metaphysics

Beginning this quest brought about more than an opportunity to read impressions of experiences on the exercises in the assignments. It literally created very interesting synchronicity in my life. The inner work on spirit saw a result in my world experiences.

It is wonderful to heal the self through enriching assignments and to cultivate a life experience that rewards reflection. One of the first reflection exercises was, "Start with the idea that God (Supreme Being, Higher Power, Lord of All Creation, etc) WANTS you to succeed. " You were created to succeed." The blueprint of your life and your goal as a being is all geared towards success. Failure is a lie." This became a powerful premise for thoughtful deliberate consideration of the self. It led to a great weeks and evaluation of what I really do want. My contemplation and meditation assisted in what I would like to envision my successes. Again, great food for thought.

As mentioned in the beginning of the essay the assignments do take you on a journey to support personal experiences and interactions, and the exercises create stirrings of memories and dreams you seek to create. Then you start noticing that the work is bringing together other pieces of your life. It is easy to accept this once acknowledged you become aware of responding to cues from others and have changed responses because of having done the exercises. In numerous little ways, something was shifting.

It was such a pleasure to be able to fully engage in this project, see the benefits immediately, and understand that all work chosen can be part of the passion for success and positive outcomes. Spirit Quest helped me keep on track of my personal journey as well as my professional image and relationships. 


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Friday, October 22, 2010

Spirit Quest

Forgiveness...... something I practice all the time. After reading this weeks course someone I thought I had forgiven come across my path, but I started to get some niggly angry feelings still... I was not going to talk to her but on reflection of the course I went over and asked her how she was doing. She then hugged me and I felt no more animosity between us. I still don't particularly want this woman in my life, but now feel nothing when she speaks to me.

Grounding..... absolutely loved doing this. For some reason when making the connection from my spine to the planet I felt I had a tail hanging down. I spoke to my friend who is a Reiki healer and she said I may of been an animal in a past life. She told me about how she does something similar but has tree roots coming from her and she gets the energy to heal people from this.



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