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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I always find it wonderful when the Universe reminds me that I'm a constant work in progress :)

After reading this lesson I thought about what I have to forgive and let go of. I thought "nothing". Well, I was reminded I was so wrong. Let's just say that I absolutely believe by no coincidence I was "reminded" of a relationship issue (which I won't go into detail about) that I truly believed I had let go of, but found out that I truly had not.

The very day I read this lesson, I went on a roller coaster of emotion due to having to confront this issue that I really thought was mostly a non-issue in my life that lasted for 3 days and caused me to become physically ill. Talk about a wake-up call to reality!

I think it's worth mentioning that as a result I learned the importance of first uncovering the reason I was in pain (emotionally) and unable to forgive and let go (which took a lot of soul searching), and second to forgive myself for causing myself pain by holding on to it.

Whew! Wonder what lesson 3 has in store for me, lol. 


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Universal Life Church

On the subject of forgiveness, I find this much related to ego and the role it plays too with us and our ability to truly forgive oneself. If one allows the role of ego to have control of ourselves its often the role to be in pain and thus subject to ones own ego. Knowing that pain or quilt is a factor of control that is most often used by ego to stay in control. I think a big part is also knowing not only that we own our pain but we also own our ego. With which we have the choices to make freely, with what we allow to have control over us.

With forgiveness of self, letting go or relinquishing that pain or hurt we are too at the same time saying to ego that I am in control of my temple of Spirit and allowing more room for Spirit to dwell and manifest its present in our life, Pain, hurts and guilt crowd the Spirit space of our inward self that recall of who we truly are.

Holding on to these things of pain, hurt and guilt not only prevent the manifestation of Spirit presences in our life but also, have a great deal to do with our physical well being. The temple of body, mind and Spirit is our house. With that comes the house cleaning we own with the house. Which requires a inventory of its needs in a on going awareness of its conditions.

With learning to use forgiveness as a means of house cleaning so to speak. It also is a huge enlightenment of what one allows to enter the house. And what some of the under lying causes of pain are, not only for one self but for others too. Which allows for better understanding for what may approach you and how you can approach it.

For a long time the pains and hurts of non self forgiveness restrained me in my development or rebirth of bonding with my Spirit. Much of the past had to be swiped out the house to allow growth of Spirit place to have its space.

The techniques explained in this discourse are very good. With the main point, I think is taking responsibility for the cleaning process and putting forth the action to send the pains and hurt out of the house. I myself like the Soap Bubble concept of release and then in case one self in the protection or awareness of Spirit and move ahead in the newness of who you are in the now of the moment and dwell in the goodness of such. 


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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spirit Quest

#28 Pain

This week was a challenge for sure.

The Big things don’t get me it’s the Little ones that do!

To understand that I can ground an issue and blow it up in a Rose and continue this till it is gone from my mind screen is a very big help. Somethings that I am healing others would have a hard time following, so to be able to blow it up or to ground the issue and attach a grounding cord to it and send it into the center of the universe to be transmuted.

Great help Rev. AMY THIS came at an ohhhh so auspisious time when I was in the middle of a full on Gall Blatter attack!

It also helps to be called on the rug about being in the Present with your eating and be mindful of,

“Will this be cooling or acidic to my SYSTEM?”

Ø Drank a lot of Cucumber /lemon drinks that week.

Ø I also DRANK PLENTY of water to flush everything out.

Ø And I had a lot of forgiveness to do with myself and letting GO AND moving forward.

Ø And last but not least staying in the present.

Blessings from our Sacred Medicine Circle,

Rev. Ayanvli Rick
Walk in Balance


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Rev. Long created the ULC seminary site to help ministers learn and grow their ministries. The Seminary offers a huge catalog of materials for ministers of the Universal Life Church, as well as an online seminary program and a chaplaincy program.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest

Setting Spiritual Goal's    
What if we can't forgive others do we think that God should forgive us any way. I don't believe it works like that with God in his word, and his guidance, for us and forgiveness is for the one that is asking as it should be for the one he is asking to forgiveness. That is to say Christ is forgiveness so are we better than him I think not. Let us be more like Christ and less like the world we are in, but we shouldn't be part of that world.       
Grounding and center of the Head 
This is a funny thing to be doing, but it does work if we learn to just think about what we are doing and why we are doing it. To think is a short word for meditation, but simple people like me have simple minds that is me. Now I would say that I have learn a lot from the few lesson's than I; thought I would so that make's me one step closer to my main goal that is to be a help to my pastor, my friend and my brother and maybe not in that order. Now for the grounding part we could and do have a lot of fun with it, but that is how I think it should be.     

Center of the Head  
I have made a few changes in this time and some are good for helping me learn that when we start to feel the thing's our world puts in our way. We can stop and go to that chair in the middle of that room at any time and any place if or when we need to. I know that it work's real good. When I go to that chair to meditate or as I said before to think about any problem like the way our country has been and still doing to us. This thing with the oil today, I think we need to meditate on this and see if we can help and what has happened to our country this is my thoughts. 
Meditation Golden Sun  
I have a shop that I clean all the time, but it stays in a mess and I don't let it make my day a mess I agree that all Neutral Energy and Positive Energy comes from God and Negative Energy from the world as this lesson say's. The world as we know it now is different than it was when I was small as I grew so did my small town, now it is not a small town any more. I can only hope that it grows spiritually and not bringing the crime like the bigger town. I spend more time trying to get the thing's as it was when I was small out of the way and try to grow as my small town grows I stop to look back at some of the things that was growing some are not good for us I hope that we know the difference I pray that it gets better and we know our country would come back to God before it is too late. Now the energy that I replaced is the negative energy with positive energy and not just that I put my faith in my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST, if right or wrong can't help that. One thing that I have not used as to now, but this is something that I need to say if you have a problem you can't fix , give it to the Lord. He is the one that made us, so how can he not be the better to fix us that is my question? 
The protection rose is a way of getting rid of negative thing that are not good for us, but if these thing 
aren't faced it can make a mess of one's life. We need to take care of that problem as soon as possible. 
Now to neglect anything that can become a problem is a good way of letting it become a down fall to us. 
The protection rose is also a good way of getting it taken care of by getting rid of negativity is to create a 
rose of protection and take it and blow it up. If you need to create as many as you need.  I get more out 
of mine though by using this Rose of Protection and my Meditation. I know that to think about something
to a point of knowing how to make it work. Now to make it to strengthen the effectiveness of our tool's 
by imagining large amounts of details. Using the mind's eye or the third person wouldn't that be about the 
something? Give yourself time to think about the other's that is in the center of your head then you can 
invite them to leave. 
Good people create good thing's creating is about bring new thing's into the world that was not there before. Creating is good. Women create babies, women create and that is a good thing. Destroying has a negative concept to it. Hurricanes destroy, tornadoes destroy. Destroying is as needed to life as creating is, what if there was no destruction? What would the world look like I can't imagine what house's would be like if we create and not destroy? On the positive side nobody would ever get divorced. If you want to buy new clothes you have to make room in your closet for them or in time space would go away, get the picture? Creating and destroying something can do two thing. First thing it does is to bring what you have created into present time. This means that as we become more capable we are bringing our tool's with us. Second thing that creating and destroying does is to move energy. The last time you were angry and you could not let it go , it may have been something big or small, but you just could not let it go, most of these thing was stuck energy.  One kind of energy is called Earth Energy, this is the energy that comes from the plant. I am sure that the earth is, and has its own energy. As for it being and having a consciousness or an awareness well I don't know too much to say about that.
Johnnie F Woodall Jr


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